This is the SCLive CD Download page.

The standard SCLive distribution is aimed at users wanting to run a SystemC development environment on a medium to low spec machine (read Pentium II and higher).Like all Live CD distribution the SCLive will run off your computer’s RAM. Consequently you will have to have a reasonable amount of memory (128 MB) to run it.

This distribution is also streamlined enough to be run in a virtual environment such as VMWare player Virtual Box or QEMU. That is providing you are running it on a recent machine with 512 to 1024 MB of memory.

The detailed description of the standard SystemC Live distribution is as follows:

  • OSCI SystemC 2.2 beta Simulator
  • SystemC Verification Library SCV 1.0p2
  • SystemC Transaction Level Modeling Library TLM 2.0.1
  • SystemC / VHDL / Verilog tutorials
  • gcc g++ 3.4.6
  • Ghdl VHDL Simulator 0.27
  • ddd 3.3.11
  • gtkwave 3.1.13-1
  • vim 7.1
  • geany 0.17.1
  • Browser opera 10.x (install script)
  • Adobe pdf reader 9.x (install script)
  • Foxit PDF Reader 1.1
  • KDE 3.5.8
  • Kate 2.5.8
  • Icarus Verilog-0.8

The “SCLive 3.0” release candidate can be found HEREHERE .

If you need instructions on how to burn an ISO file or using the SystemC Live distribution, have a look at the Howto section on this blog.


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