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You have reached the SCLive home page. This website is dedicated to the creation and proliferation of a Free and Open Source Live SystemC CD.

You may have heard of “Knoppix” a GNU/Linux distribution that boots and runs completely from cd; SCLive is based on the principles although, the underlying Linux distribution on which it is based is “Slax” and “Slackware”.

In addition SCLive can be run from a USB stick as a persistent installation as well as a virtual machine (VMWare, Virtual Box, Qemu).

The SCLive distribution features: The latest SystemC OSCI simulation kernel, the required g++ compilers and libraries, an integrated development environment, debugger, and waveform viewer. In addition SCLive has both a Verilog and VHDL simulator to cover all of the hardware description languages commonly in used.

Furthermore, the distribution features essential utilities to make it a useful working environment such as Internet browser, files manager and more.

For a complete list of features please refer to the dedicated distribution pages.

Contact email address: davidcabanis AT gmail DOT com

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