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Running the SystemC TLM2 Examples

This short tutorial is for those of you eager to run TLM 2 examples inside SCLive 3.0.
I will take an arbitrary example here to illustrate the simple procedure.

1) Open a terminal window and navigate to the examples directory:

cd ~/software/TLM-2009-07-15/examples/tlm/lt/

2) In there you will find the src (source directory) as well as the build-unix directory. Go to the build-unix directory and execute the makefile.

cd build-unix
make run

3) This will compile and link the example. Finally this will run the resulting executable (lt.exe) example inside the terminal window. Alternatively you can run the executable yourself by typing:

./lt.exe | less

4) To clean up the directory simply execute the command:

make clean

Et Voila!

David Cabanis

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