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xpdf Module for SCLive


This module will allow you to view pdf documents. It’s a very light module (In the spirit of SCLive) and therefore you should not expect something in par with Adobe’s pdf reader. Still it’s good enough for generic usage.


The module once installed will copy its executable inside the /usr/bin directory.

To invoke xpdf, simply type: xpdf <filename> as a command inside a terminal window.

You can also configure firefox to automatically open pdf documents by associating pdf documents with the executable located at /usr/bin/xpdf .


The module can be downloaded HERE.


The easiest way to install the module is to download it from within SCLive then type:

uselivemod ~/Desktop/<modulename>

Note: As I am sure you realize ~/Desktop is the default location for the downloaded files from firefox.

Alternatively you can add the module inside the /modules directory of your SCLive ISO file and burn a new ISO file.

Et voila!

David Cabanis.

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