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SystemC on a USB Stick

The SCLive Linux distribution is kept purposely to a size <200 MB so that it can easily be used on a USB memory stick. This how-to will detail the steps required to put this distribution onto a USB memory stick.

Now, the first thing you need to have is a copy of MySLAX Creator installed ( available HERE ). When MSC comes up, you’ll see a bunch of scrolling text. You can read it or not as you choose, but when you’re ready to start, press the “Next>” button.

Here you’ll be presented with some options. I’m working with the SCLive ISO, so I choose the radio button beside ISO-Default. Choose where the ISO file is on your hard drive, and press “Mount.” When it’s mounted, you will see several new buttons appear.

Pressing “USB Stick” will net you the “Create a bootable USB Slax stick” screen. Now, select the USB drive you want to use (providing you already have connected your stick).

Note: Some USB stick are not bootable. If you don’t see your stick in the list then it means just that !

Assuming you have selected your stick, you can now press “Create USB Stick”. This process should take just a few minutes; After completion you can press the “Next>” button if you want to try your new creation straight away!

Et Voila, you now have a bootable stick with a fully blown Linux OS and your favorite SystemC development environment.

David Cabanis

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