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Using K3b for Customizing SCLive

This HowTo details the steps to add modules to a SCLive ISO, under its /modules directory.

Note: The original how-to was written by jayseye.

From the main K3b window, pull down the Tools menu, choose Burn CD Image, and navigate to your downloaded SCLive .iso file, by clicking on the blue folder icon, under and to the right of Image to Burn. It may take a minute for the checksum to be confirmed.

Below that, on the Options tab, select the “Verify written data” checkbox to have K3b re-read the CD after it is written.

Then, on the Advanced tab, enable the “Start multisession CD” checkbox. This step is essential to allow re-burning the CD.

Insert a blank CD-R, then click on the Start button in the upper right corner, to begin burning. After the CD is written, K3b will briefly eject it, and then automatically load it again, to begin verification.

When that’s complete, K3b will eject the CD again. If all went well, “Success.” will be reported, to the left of the red KIIIB icon, and you can Close the dialog.

Wait, there’s more! To add modules, re-insert the CD, and choose New Data CD Project, either from the icon in the bottom half of K3b’s main screen, or from its File menu. Then select Import Session… under the Project menu.

At that point the CD’s filesystem is effectively open for adding files via drag-and-drop. It’s also possible to modify and even remove files.

Once you add the desired modules files, Burn the changes to the CD.

Voila !

David Cabanis

  1. August 5, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Is K3b good for Windows XP ? And if yes how do I download K3b?

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