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Using MagicISO

This article describes how to use MagicISO to create your own version of the SystemC Live Distribution by adding and removing modules from the ISO source file.

MagicISO has ability to create ISO image file. You can directly add/delete/rename files or folder in CD image file(s) with MagicISO.

The following step will describe the procedure for modifying the provided ISO file and recreate a new one.

  1. Download MagicISO from here .
  2. Install the application as instructed.
  3. Run MagicISO and go to the menu File->Open
  4. Navigate the the location of your SCLive-x.x.iso file and load it in.
  5. In the displayed ISO directory structure, you should see a directory called “modules”.
  6. Open the directory called “modules” and add or remove .mo (module) files from there.
  7. Once done go to File->Save to save the new image.
  8. Finaly you can write burn your new ISO file on a CD by following the instructions detailed in How-to Burning ISO Files.

Note: To create your own module files (.mo), take a look at the how-to “Customizing SCLive”.

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